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About Phoenix Testing and Engineering Inc.

PTE is a female owned and family operated engineering & component level testing service company located in the greater thumb area.

Statement from Our CEO

At Phoenix Testing and Engineering, Inc. our team takes pride in customer services. No matter how big or small your project is, we will work day and night to ensure your engineering and testing services are being met. We do it right the first time, on time, every time, or we will make it right.

-Kelsie S. Richmond

How We Started

Kelsie founded Phoenix Testing & Engineering, Inc in May 2020 as a distraction during the lockdown. After initial concept of what PTE could be, in July of 2020 collaborative work with Seth & Brian on first iteration of PTE’s proprietary burners began. Today, Kelsie’s dream has been realized as PTE now offers engineering and testing services.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide the highest quality of engineering and testing services while implementing a smarter approach to services by utilizing Industry 4.0 to create a meaningful customer experience at a highly competitive rate.

Company Vision

At Phoenix Testing and Engineering, Inc. our vision is to rethink the legacy approach to testing services and introducing the new way of thinking with connectivity in all aspects of the enterprise.

People Behind the company

Our team of can-do personalities can help solve your testing needs.

Kelsie Richmond

As founder and owner of Phoenix Testing & Engineering, Inc, Kelsie has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and an MBA from Kettering University. Throughout her career, Kelsie has had the opportunity to participate in all functions of a business from the research and development of a value proposition to the marketing and sales of equipment and services. Kelsie is a highly competitive individual and has always enjoyed applying this trait to taking on new challenges with the intention of providing the best value to her customers.

Russell Richmond

Joining the PTE team in June 2022, Russell (Russ) has 32 Years of experience in Engineering, Manufacturing, and Test Services. His passion for engineering and technical development makes Russ a natural fit for PTE as CTO. Russ has expertise in Automotive Emissions Systems, machine design & development, and test systems engineering. Additionally, Russ enjoys the complexity of problem solving using higher engineering skill such as Six Sigma, Robust Engineering, Shainintm, and Statistical Analysis to support customer challenges. With his experience the technical team at PTE delivers high value engineered solutions for your engineering and testing needs.

Brian Flachs

As a MTU BSME graduate, Brian joined PTE in July of 2020 as a system controls engineer. Brian takes great interest in the development of software and advanced control strategies for equipment. This paired with his strong mechanical background make him a natural fit for advanced engineering solutions, including enterprise wide systems, such as connected factory 4.0 or IoT concepts. With Brian’s skills and expertise in Industrial controls, Mechanical Design, and Programming, He is an integral part of the PTE engineering team and ensure PTE’s goal of delivering quality engineering & testing services.

Seth Richmond

Seth is currently pursuing his bachelor degree in Software Engineering at U of M. He is a multifaceted engineer having worked with controls, computer aided design & simulations, and fabrication, including additive manufacturing. Like Brian, Seth has a passion for technology and problem solving to produce a meaningful experience for his customers. He supports the PTE team in operational excellence by implementing process flow and management utilizing connected factory principles.

Jeff Richmond

As a USMC Veteran, Jeff has a plethora of experience in welding, machining, fabrication, and design work. He specializes in super alloy welding, which is required for PTE’s high temperature applications. Jeff has a unique skill of meticulous attention to detail which ensures the quality and integrity our testing equipment. His precision in welding, fabrication, and machine build, ensures the customer can be confident that they will have access to high quality and reliable testing equipment for years to come.

At PTE were not just a company, we are Family.